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Working with Texans to Educate, Engage, and Empower families as change agents for educational equity in our education system.

I created My Child My Voice in 2018 when I was asked to speak to parents about their education options. It brought back memories to when my youngest son was attending his zoned neighborhood middle school. We started getting calls from the school about my son disrupting his class.  He was in trouble for talking in class because he finished his worked early and was talking because he was bored. I realize his school was not working for him. At that point both my husband and I had to find a school that would challenge him and prepare him for college.  

Where we live there are only two school options which are private schools and public district schools. We did not have the means to place my son in a private school or move to another school district. Our options were limited so we started asking friends and family about other school options. During our research for other schools we heard about charter schools. At the time I did not understand what a charter school was but heard they were challenging students and sending them to college. We knew that we wanted that for our son.  

We applied and were lucky enough my son was not on the waitlist long. We knew it would be a challenge to drive far to send my son to a charter school, but it was worth the sacrifice that we were willing to do for our son’s education. Our family found a home at YES Prep Public Charter Schools in Houston.  There my son thrived and was challenged in his classes. His teachers and principal became his allies when he needed them the most. This is where our choice of a charter school was the best fit school for my son. The charter school became my new home and where I became a more involved parent and my mind was open to the education system.  

My son graduated college in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in science in Software Engineering. My son was one of the lucky ones and all kids in Texas should be lucky to be in a school that best fits their needs. When I started advocating for my son, I realized I had to educated myself on the education landscape. what does that mean? It meant I had to understand the type of school my son was attending. For example, understanding the various types of school options like a magnet schools, district schools, public charter schools, private schools, virtual schools, micro schools and homeschooling. I had to understand how school’s operate by understanding school finance and school boards, school ratings, how an education bill effects my son’s school. I had to know my rights as parent. As a mom, I realized I have POWER, but I did not know until I Claimed My Voice. With the resources and knowledge, I became my son’s best advocate.  Change is needed in the education system in Houston. Parents cannot wait for policy makers and special interest groups to do the right thing.  

Today is a step for parents to become an advocate for their child.  If more families RISE UP the more, we, PARENTS, can make a change in the education system. I hope you are inspired to join My Child My Voice and together we can help children shine.   

Are you ready to Claim Your Voice? Are you FIRED UP? Then let’s get started!  

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