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Educational Choice Chats and Miss Virginia Movie Event. On February 1, 2020 My Child My Voice celebrated National School Choice Week in Houston. My Child My Voice hosted a new, free education program in the Gulfton Community area during National School Choice Week that gave parents an incredible opportunity to learn about school options and educational resources in the community. Parents found out about traditional public schools, public charter schools, private schools, home school associations, and many community organizations at the Education Choice Chats. To end the chats parents enjoyed a FREE screening of “Miss Virginia” movie. This is inspired by the story of Virginia Walden Ford, a struggling single mother from a low-income neighborhood in Washington, DC. Affectionately called “Miss Virginia” and “the Education Lady” by neighborhood children, Virginia fought to create a scholarship program for her at-risk son and children like him. And she won! Don’t underestimate the POWER of everyday parents.

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